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About Me

Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing, and, growing up on a farm with a menagerie of dogs, cats and horses, they have inevitably borne the brunt of my scribbling ever since! 

In our house our animals are adored members of the family, chatted to, chatted about and usually referred to as people!  That is why capturing the character that makes them them is as important to me as capturing their physical likeness. 

Commissioning a portrait

I work mostly in pastels, and occasionally in oils.  Size is flexible, and I usually supply my pictures unframed to simplify delivery which can be tricky once frames and glass are involved!

I work from photographs which I either take myself if distance and secrecy allows (I am based in Leicestershire), or I can supply examples and tips for taking the sort of photos I need if not... the more the better for an all round idea of my subject.

I love taking on non animal commissions too (see Other Work), so if you have an idea you want to discuss, do get in touch.

Contact Me


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